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Denver, Colorado

A curated collection of photographs that explore the interaction of art and life. Highlighting the examination of plant exploration, historical tales, scientific inquires through artistic endeavors.


A gathering of inspiration, thought experiments, and injections of where life is art.

The Perfect Taco

Anna Taugher

Past the outskirts of an artist community in the heart of Baja, Mexico lies Rancho Pescadero. A place so fine that coffee has a minimum sipping time of three hours, surfing is the preferred means of transportation, and one perfect cookie appears on your pillow top just before you lay your head down to rest after a long day of relaxation.

This is my quest for the perfect taco, and while on this quest so much more than tacos were found. The quest for perfection within a taco is one that is unattainable but it is the unattainable goals that drives you to keep adventuring and brings you across the experiences that are unforgettable. It is with this in mind that you stop and remember to look around. You might just witness the persevering life of a turtle hatching from its shell and making the arduous journey through the tremendous waves, or the fresh sear of tuna caught that morning, or a drunk teddy bear passed out from too many ice cream sandwiches.

These are the moments of Rancho Pescadero.


Anna Taugher

Earth is heating up and the collective vibration of this energy is seen best in the oscillating wings of an insect. 

Anna Collette Hunt travels with her 10,000 ceramic insects taking over gallery walls like no other exhibit in 'Stirring the Swarm.' In this work Hunt depicts the awakening and infestation of the species around us.

Finding the Colorado Redwoods

Anna Taugher

Hidden within a grassy valley 35 miles west of Colorado Springs the petrified remnants of redwoods and fossilized insects and ancient plant material lie just beneath the surface. Florrisant Fossil Beds National Monument protects over 1,700 different species of fossils making it one of the richest and most diverse deposits in the world. Living in Colorado my whole life I had no idea this was ever the home to the magnificent redwoods I so often dream about on the west coast. Redwoods in Colorado, it seemed like a mythical tale, and I just had to explore.  The meadow was covered in a dusting of snow but erected up from the winter white landscape sat the petrified monoliths of ancient redwoods. The timber remnants of scientists' lodging cabins surround the valley, put there during the fossil collecting rush, archaeologists version of the gold rush. There is even a saw blade lodged within one of the trunks left behind by one of these pioneer scientist. Florissant reminds you of your place along Earth's timeline. Here you are physically presented with what has come before and thoughts are conjured of what is to come next. 

Son Doong

Anna Taugher

As the story of the Sơn Đoòng Cave goes, “local farmer Ho Khanh was walking along a stretch of lush forest within the heart of the Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park … It was an area that he had passed many times before and he was not paying any particular attention to his surroundings when suddenly the jungle floor opened up beneath him and Mr. Khanh only barely managed to hold on as the ground crumbled beneath him. When he was able to get his bearings, he peered into the gaping chasm that had suddenly appeared out of the thick foliage and saw that there was now a steep drop where he had stood that descended down into darkness. By pure chance and blind luck, this man had discovered an entrance that had remained hidden from man for millions of years into what would turn out to be the largest cave in the world, a behemoth five times larger than the largest known cave at the time.”

Since learning of this cave in a National Geographic article my jaw has been dropped and just how to get my name on the tourism list has consumed my mind. Can you spot the people in each of the pictures above, it's like a "Where's Waldo" on a awe-inspiring scale.