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Denver, Colorado

A curated collection of photographs that explore the interaction of art and life. Highlighting the examination of plant exploration, historical tales, scientific inquires through artistic endeavors.


A gathering of inspiration, thought experiments, and injections of where life is art.

Weaving Home

Anna Taugher

Architect and artist Abeer Seikaly has designed a nomadic shelter that stores solar energy, collects rainwater, and is lightweight and folds up for easy transportation. Struck by the growing number refugees and natural disasters that displace millions each year Seikaly sought out to create a solution. With reflection on our historic nature of being nomadic creatures with the desire of settlement Seikaly found inspiration in the traditional art form of weaving and the natural interlocking of snake skin. This ingenuity on a sustainable structure awarded Seikaly the 2013 Lexus Design Award. I am completely inspired by the beauty in this invention, physically and by the thought of what it could mean to humans across the Earth.