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A curated collection of photographs that explore the interaction of art and life. Highlighting the examination of plant exploration, historical tales, scientific inquires through artistic endeavors.


A gathering of inspiration, thought experiments, and injections of where life is art.

Unbreakable Bond

Anna Taugher

"The Dukha people living in Northern Mongolia have a magical vibration with the animals in their region. The type of bond they have with their eco-system is one that the world needs to learn about and remember. They embrace their rugged terrain, utilizing trained reindeer and wolves. Golden eagle are taught to hunt for their clan. This is better than any movie, it’s a throwback to the past that is almost unbelievable to witness." David Wolfe

Hamid Sardar-Afkhami seamlessly captured this intimate relationship between nature and tribe through his lens. Moving forward from the above sentiment the Dukha people aren't just a throwback to the past but a glimpse into the possibilities of the future. The Dukha don't have to be just a lost tribe doomed to extinction but could be the role model for continued existence of life on Earth. I am awestruck.