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Denver, Colorado

A curated collection of photographs that explore the interaction of art and life. Highlighting the examination of plant exploration, historical tales, scientific inquires through artistic endeavors.


A gathering of inspiration, thought experiments, and injections of where life is art.

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The Perfect Taco

Anna Taugher

Past the outskirts of an artist community in the heart of Baja, Mexico lies Rancho Pescadero. A place so fine that coffee has a minimum sipping time of three hours, surfing is the preferred means of transportation, and one perfect cookie appears on your pillow top just before you lay your head down to rest after a long day of relaxation.

This is my quest for the perfect taco, and while on this quest so much more than tacos were found. The quest for perfection within a taco is one that is unattainable but it is the unattainable goals that drives you to keep adventuring and brings you across the experiences that are unforgettable. It is with this in mind that you stop and remember to look around. You might just witness the persevering life of a turtle hatching from its shell and making the arduous journey through the tremendous waves, or the fresh sear of tuna caught that morning, or a drunk teddy bear passed out from too many ice cream sandwiches.

These are the moments of Rancho Pescadero.

Rejuvenated Nature

Anna Taugher

As winter approaches and life curls up in hibernation let's celebrate the rejuvenating season ahead of us with the awesome power of the natural world through these images of Mother Nature retaking what was once hers.

images by Tang Yuhong via Matador

Adventure Patch

Anna Taugher

With adventure on my mind Adventure Patch has taken my spirit. Created by Keegan Jones, Adventure Patch aims to inspire travel to our National Parks and other natural points of interest while documenting it through the classic souvenir, the patch. I can't wait to join Keegan and Adventure Patch with #adventurepatch.

Five and Dime

Anna Taugher

Ten years after the disaster of Hurricane Katrina, I'm remembering the time I spent in New Orleans five year ago. I went down to New Orleans to experience something different, something outside of myself. Raised in Colorado the south is a foreign entity to me, what is humidity? During a college spring break I went down south, on an Alternative Break, to volunteer with disaster relief after Hurricane Katrina. Five years after the fact the devastation was sitting right in front of my eyes, and much is still the same today. In a “Now” driven culture where news is provided in shock format visiting a disaster zone so long after the disaster it was hard to believe the ruins that still remained then, and what remains today. We often forget the pain and suffering others are feeling after the initial damage has left our TV screens. But something else struck me while I was in New Orleans: the vivacity of the city. Everyone around me was bright and full of life with jazz running through their veins, the hurricane was strong but the community is stronger.