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Denver, Colorado

A curated collection of photographs that explore the interaction of art and life. Highlighting the examination of plant exploration, historical tales, scientific inquires through artistic endeavors.


A gathering of inspiration, thought experiments, and injections of where life is art.

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Flooding Cherries

Anna Taugher

Every spring locals and foreigners alike make the pilgrimage to Inokashira Park in Tokyo, Japan to hanami or "watch blossoms." These short lived blossoms signify beauty, spring, and renewal, but also the fleeting nature of life. Photographer Danilo Dungo takes this journey every spring and has become one of the most famous cherry blossom photographers, capturing this natural wonder from all angles. 


Anna Taugher

Earth is heating up and the collective vibration of this energy is seen best in the oscillating wings of an insect. 

Anna Collette Hunt travels with her 10,000 ceramic insects taking over gallery walls like no other exhibit in 'Stirring the Swarm.' In this work Hunt depicts the awakening and infestation of the species around us.