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Denver, Colorado

A curated collection of photographs that explore the interaction of art and life. Highlighting the examination of plant exploration, historical tales, scientific inquires through artistic endeavors.


A gathering of inspiration, thought experiments, and injections of where life is art.

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Anna Taugher

White, off-white, eggshell, muted beige, the journey to bring you the perfect tone of neutral started with the "Colormen." In a time when you can walk down an aisle of color swatches and the options are an endless supply of minute differences, the idea never crosses your mind of where these colors came from. Our eye can see them and so they are. But the colors were brought to our storefronts starting with the expeditions of colormen. Colormen were tradesmen who traveled far and wide in search for that perfect tone. Men dedicated to such a craft before it was easy to press mix on an industrial machine they combined insect wings with oil, liquified radioactive elements, and grave robbed mummies for embalming fluids. The Harvard Library is committed to the originals and houses and protects these historic pigments and their stories. Read more at ...

The Matter of Matter

Anna Taugher

Linde Hermans brings the fact of our material world right before our eyes. The different colors, textures, and emotions of material are highlighted in his project "The Matter of Matter." The starkness of the photography highlights the differences between the materials. Becoming aware of the physical environment is something that I believe we should all train ourselves to do. Ask the questions of why is the floor you stand upon wood, how would it make you feel or how would it sound if it were stone. How do the materials resonate within a space and how could different materials change the atmosphere? Hermans project highlights a great though experiment to practice anywhere.

I Dream in Technicolor Sheep

Anna Taugher

As the nights grow longer, I dream of Gray Malin's Dream Series. Inspired by the story of a Scottish sheep farmer who colored his sheep he heard as a boy, Malin collaborated with an Australian family of sheep herders to create a technicolor sheep series. The work seeks to inspire others to dream big and stand out from the crowd. Twenty percent of all proceeds from this series will go to the Make A Wish Foundation, helping all children achieve their dreams. My dreams have been taken over with vivid coloration after viewing this series and the incredible inception behind it. What do you dream of?