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Denver, Colorado

A curated collection of photographs that explore the interaction of art and life. Highlighting the examination of plant exploration, historical tales, scientific inquires through artistic endeavors.


A gathering of inspiration, thought experiments, and injections of where life is art.

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Finding the Colorado Redwoods

Anna Taugher

Hidden within a grassy valley 35 miles west of Colorado Springs the petrified remnants of redwoods and fossilized insects and ancient plant material lie just beneath the surface. Florrisant Fossil Beds National Monument protects over 1,700 different species of fossils making it one of the richest and most diverse deposits in the world. Living in Colorado my whole life I had no idea this was ever the home to the magnificent redwoods I so often dream about on the west coast. Redwoods in Colorado, it seemed like a mythical tale, and I just had to explore.  The meadow was covered in a dusting of snow but erected up from the winter white landscape sat the petrified monoliths of ancient redwoods. The timber remnants of scientists' lodging cabins surround the valley, put there during the fossil collecting rush, archaeologists version of the gold rush. There is even a saw blade lodged within one of the trunks left behind by one of these pioneer scientist. Florissant reminds you of your place along Earth's timeline. Here you are physically presented with what has come before and thoughts are conjured of what is to come next. 

Weaving Home

Anna Taugher

Architect and artist Abeer Seikaly has designed a nomadic shelter that stores solar energy, collects rainwater, and is lightweight and folds up for easy transportation. Struck by the growing number refugees and natural disasters that displace millions each year Seikaly sought out to create a solution. With reflection on our historic nature of being nomadic creatures with the desire of settlement Seikaly found inspiration in the traditional art form of weaving and the natural interlocking of snake skin. This ingenuity on a sustainable structure awarded Seikaly the 2013 Lexus Design Award. I am completely inspired by the beauty in this invention, physically and by the thought of what it could mean to humans across the Earth.


Anna Taugher

Scientific conservationists from the New Zealand Antarctic Heritage Trust discovered a frozen box containing 22 nitrate negatives documenting the life of explorers on the South Pole in 1915. These negatives were carefully thawed to reveal images never seen before from this expedition.

via Bored Panda

As the winter solstice passes and the Earth rotates in to its seasonal thawing, what other artifacts are out there to discover?

In the Eyes of the Animal

Anna Taugher

An art experience created by design studio Marshmallow Laser Feast uses moss covered virtual reality helmets to take participants on a journey to see the forest through the eyes of animals. Human vision is made up of rods, cones, and a combination of red, yellow, and blues. Compared to other creatures this gives us a pretty limited spectrum of vision. With the help of these creature helmets viewers can experience the vision of super-sighted animals like the frog, owl, and  dragonfly (whom experience color in twelve wavelengths as opposed to our three). These helmets relay real time artistic renditions of what your surroundings might look like to these creatures, created using remote sensing technology, CT scans, and drone footage to manifest these real time sense inducing visions. Strap these moss helmets on, open your eyes, and see like it's the first time you've used your eyes.