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DIY Antler Art

Anna Taugher

You'll Need:

a pair of antler tips
two wood blocks
clear fishing line
lightweight staple gun

Start with the pre-prep of the two wood blocks. I chose to use a square shape topped with two coats of medium chestnut stain. Once dry, drill a hole in the top corner to hang the finis

Start with the placement of the antler tips. Set an antler tip in the center of each wood block and play with the position. Look at orientation on your wood block and texture of the side of antler tip that is facing upwards. Next use a pencil to mark two small dots on each side of antler, one at tip and the other at the base, that is touching the wood. 

Take one end of the clear fishing line and using the staple gun secure it to the wood block over your first pencil mark. For added security I tied the tail end of the fishing line around the staple. Then loop the fishing line around your antler tip. Finish by tying off the loose end of fishing line back around the staple (you may need to pry the staple up a bit with your scissors to get the fishing line underneath).

Repeat the previous steps on the second side of the antler tip. Finish by removing the excess tail of the fishing line with your scissors.

Voila! Ready to hang.

Find an empty space on your wall and hang, simply hammer a nail through your pre-drilled holes.

Position them on the wall askew from each other for a unique wall art composition.

Or position them parallel to each other for a fun photo shoot design!